Levels of quality
The lubricant GREEN U.T.T.O 80W / 10W30 complies with the following international specifications:
API GL-4 · ALLISON C4 · CAT TO-2 · FORD M2C 134D · JD J20C · CNH MAT 3525-3526· KUBOTA UDT · MF CMS M1143-M1135M1145 · ZF TE-ML 03E , 05E · VOLVO WB101
Product description
Multifunctional lubricant (U.T.T.O. – Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) for hydraulic transmissions and tractor systems and agricultural machineries. Thanks to its high quality base oils and additives, this lubricant offers the optimal solution for transfer boxes, power shift transmissions, differentials, final drives and hydraulic systems.
Technical sheet (PDF)
GREEN U.T.T.O 80W 10W30