Fully Synthetic Oils

DASÖL PROMAX oils are completely made by full synthetic base oils and new technology LOW SAPS additives. They are suitable for the lubrication of cars equipped with the most modern gasoline and turbo diesel direct-injection engines which comply with EURO V and VI emission standards. They guarantee a full compatibility with all exhaust after-treatment systems (DPF, TWC, and FAP) and high fuel economy. DASÖL PROMAX lubricants meet the strictest API and ACEA specifications.

Synthetic Based Oils

DASÖL PROMIX oils are manufactured with synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology. They are designed to be used for most complex engines. They can be used for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with gasoline, diesel or alternative fuel engines.

Mineral Based Oils

DASÖL PROMIN oils are manufactured with selected bases and modern additives. They are created to guarantee optimal performance both to old vehicles and to light commercial vehicles with high mileage engines characterized by operating in normal conditions.