DASÖL Ihr Spezialist für Lubricants
SYL GmbH is a lubrication specialist. Its wide product range covers not only passenger car oils and heavy duty oils but also transmission and gear oils as well as marine, motorcycle, industrial and agricultural oils.
DASÖL Ihr Spezialist für Lubricants
It is essential for the longevity of mechanical parts, which operate under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure / high revs …) to be appropriately lubricated. Therefore numerous parameters need to be taken into account in order to develop the optimal formulation and guarantee a perfect lubrication which not only consists in friction reduction but also detergent, anti-oxidation, cooling and sealing properties. Our company therefore offers a wide range of lubricants which are tailored to fit the various needs of our customers and meet even the toughest levels of requirements for modern engines.
DASÖL Ihr Spezialist für Lubricants

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