Gear Oil

DASÖL GEAR oils are suitable for transmissions and gear box lubrication both for cars and industrial vehicles. Thanks to High quality additives and bases, our gear oils guarantee maximum protection for gears and also noise, frictions and wear reduction. DASÖL Gear oils regroup mineral based oils with API GL4/GL5 EP additives which are suitable for gearboxes and hypoid differentials and synthetic based oils with TDL (Total-Drive-Line) and LS (Limited-Slip) technology. They are suitable for the most recent manual transmissions and new generation gearboxes with fuel economy features.

Automatic Transmission Oil

DASÖL TRANSMISSION oils are produced with selected high quality synthetic and mineral bases and additives. The main feature is a high stability to oxidation and excellent resistance to wear while put in use under the toughest conditions. All DASÖL Transmission Oils starting from the ATF DEXRON IID, ATF DEXRON III up to the DSG/DCT as well as the CVT Oils are specifically designed to meet specific requirements set by manufacturers such as GM, ZF, Voith, Mercedes, VW, Man, Volvo etc…